There is no doubt that doing business today demands the use of cutting edge technology. The digital revolution has created expectations of being able to supply up to date information in a fast and convenient manner. Customers and regulatory agencies want greater amounts of up to date information and want it now​.

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Actual pic of the same project but in plant health analysis mode. Healthy vegetation is indicated green.

All this data was collected in one quick and efficent flight. This technology enables us to deliver all the information you need on time and in budget!

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Industrial - Project Management

Industrial Project Management

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1/4 mile of 2D Orthomosaic of the subject infrastructure project.

Here is the elevation analysis of the same project. Lowest areas are depicted in blue with the highest in red tones.

We provide high quality Aerial Drone Photography in Houston and all areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. Let us perform your Storm damage assessment and inspections in Houston. ​​​

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